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Nut and Harvester Equipment Parts

California Industrial Rubber Company continues to expand our nut harvester, processor equipment replacement part lines. We have continued to grow and we are adding new parts and increasing the quantities of others. Whether you need pick up belts, sweeper rakes, chain belts, end caps or liners, we have what you need and can design what you need. Please contact your local sales branch today for all your Harvester and Equipment part needs.

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CIR Harvester Parts – Rake, Pads, Ag bearings, End caps

CIR Harvester Parts

CIR Chain Belts:

CIR Chain Belts

CIR Pick up Belts:

CIR Pick up Belts

CIR Pillow Pads:

CIR Pillow Pads

Tree Shakers

  • Pillow Pads
  • Oval Shaker Pads
  • Shaker Slings
  • Drip Pads
  • CIR Shaker Lubricant
  • Cylinders
  • Tree Seals


  • Wire Rake
  • Tine Bearings
  • Rubber Mounts
  • Harvest Fingers
  • Fan Blades
  • End Caps and Liners


  • Pick Up Belts
  • Metal Chain Belts
  • Rollers
  • Flange Idlers
  • Rubber and Plastic Parts
  • Elevator Belts
  • Cleated Twin Rod belts


  • Shear Rollers
  • Stock Shear Roller Belts
  • Conveyor and Elevator Belt
  • Rubber and Plastic Parts
  • Steel Parts

Grape Harvesters

  • Rubber and Plastic Parts
  • Conveyor Flight Belts
  • Elevator Belts

Catching Frames

  • Cleated Chain Belts
  • Tarps and Covers
  • Cylinders
  • Flaps
  • Tree seals

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