Extruded PVC profile stock

PVC Extrusions

California Industrial Rubber Company’s extruded products are U.S. manufactured in house and are made with virgin raw materials and we do not use any subpar or filler material in our extrusion process. CIR can extrude T Cleat, Scoop Cleat, V-guides and any other custom PVC extruded profile. Our PVC is excellent for fabricated belting because of its fastener-holding strength and ability to withstand high tensions. CIR industry leading cleats and belt guides will help all conveyors operate smoothly and efficiently.

T Cleat

T Cleats are efficient profiles for moving material up inclined conveyors. Top of the cleat has a full radius, which carefully transports material to avoid any bruising or marking of product. The bottom edges of T cleat taper and allow for smooth transition between belt and cleat. T Cleats are also available in a “Beefy” heavy-duty configuration for heavier objects and greater carrying capacity.
T Cleat

Scoop Cleat

Scoop cleats are set at a 60 degree angle to the base which allows the scoop cleat to hold the product up a steeper incline and prevents products from rolling over top of cleat.
Scoop Cleat

V Guides

V-Guides are applied to the underside of belts and are an effective way to track belts and allow them to operate and track properly. CIR V-guides are available in both smooth and notched configurations. V-guides can be used as a cross cleat, diagonal cleat or as a belt tracking aid.

Truck Scale T-Seal

CIR’s Truck Scale T-seal is the ideal solution to reduce maintenance, down time and service life for truck scales. As a manufacturer of T-seal you can be assured of a top quality product and “fill the gap” resulting in considerable savings of time and money.
T-Seal is available in our standard 100’ coils and available for immediate shipment.

T Seal

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PCV Cleat

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