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Carlin, NV Branch

With the opening of our Sparks facility on June 1, 1998, and Carlin facility in 2019, California Industrial Rubber Company expanded its branch operations outside of California. With our 24-hour on-call service and support from our corporate warehouse, central manufacturing facility, 5 other sales/service facilities and most importantly our entire C.I.R. staff, who have been working with manufacturers, distributors and end users throughout the United States for over 60 years, we have a great team. The Sparks branch has a vast inventory of industrial rubber products and associated items in stock for immediate delivery or shipment. We have the equipment and trained personnel to prepare and install conveyor belting of all specifications, vulcanize belt splices of all types in-shop or in the field, line chutes and hoppers with a variety of natural rubber compounds or polyurethane, make gaskets for most applications, and make hose assemblies for air, fuel, hydraulics, sewage, water, etc.

C.I.R.’s continuous investment in inventory, equipment, education, and training has made us a very dynamic supplier. Please give us a call, and we will show you the customer service and quality products that have made us a leader in our field.

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