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Conveyor Belts & Lacing

Most industrial settings rely on conveyor belts for essential tasks and functions. If a conveyor belt breaks, it can slow down production and constitute a major interruption to production. California Industrial Rubber Company offers premium quality belting and fabrication. When you purchase from us, you can rest assured that the product you buy is the quality product you expect to get. We strive to provide our clients with the best conveyor belts in the business.

CIR can also provide value added belt fabrication and 24-7 Belt service and repair. Whether you need a slit, cleated, guided, or punched belt CIR can make it to your exact requirements or repair your existing belt with minimal downtime.

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Belting Products we supply

California Industrial Rubber Company supplies and services the entire range of belting and our field experienced outside sales team helps customers choose, install and service CIR’s plastic modular, medium, lightweight, PVC, RMV, Package, Incline, heavy black conveyor belts and the many more below that keep their operation running and profitable.

  • Nylon core belt
  • Food grade PVC
  • Package and incline
  • PVC elevator belt
  • Food grade HYCAR
  • Plastic modular belt
  • Heavy black GR I and II
  • Industrial PVC
  • Food-grade RMV
  • Heat-resistant belt
  • Food grade urethane
  • Mono filament
  • Oil-resistant belt

Belt Lacing

Conveyor belt lacing is used for installing new conveyor belt or to repair an existing belt on a conveyor system. California Industrial Rubber Company carries a large selection of belt fasteners and tools that provide a fast, user friendly installation for a quality, built to last mechanical splicing solution. Mechanical fasteners work by joining the ends of the belt to form a connected loop in a conveyor system. Warehousing, package handling, manufacturing, assembly, and distribution operations are where Conveyor belt lacing and tools are widely used.

Alligator Lace

Roller Lacers
Plate Fasteners
Micro Lacers
Rivet Fasteners
Speed Lacers
Flexco Belt Tools
Wire Hook Lacing
Alligator Lacing
Alligator Staple Lace
Alligator Staple Tools
Hinged Fasteners

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