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California Industrial Rubber Company in Fresno, CA, is a distributor of industrial rubber and plastic products. We have been supplying the industrial and agricultural markets of California for many decades, with six full-service branch locations, along with a central manufacturing location and warehouse facility. The growth of this company is thanks to our ability to provide outstanding services to customers and always to develop and offer better quality and new products.

Our Fresno, CA location is also home to our corporate headquarters, warehouse distribution center, and central manufacturing, along with a service and sales branch. This is a family-owned and operated business with an array of products designed to exceed the needs of customers.

Conveyor Belts and Belting

Today, most industrial settings use industrial conveyor belts for essential functions and tasks. When conveyor belts break, it may slow down or halt production completely, constituting a severe interruption of the workflow. That’s why it is so important to keep additional belts available for use. The California Industrial Rubber Company provides premium belt fabrication services for all companies and businesses. By purchasing products from us, a business can feel confident they will receive the highest-quality product available on the market today.

Hoses and Coupling 

To minimize leaks and other issues, the use of hydraulic hoses is a must. These are the perfect tools for moving gases and liquids. When choosing the right hose, it’s important to pay attention to various criteria and specifications of the hose, including the parts quality, material used for manufacturing, and the PSI. We ensure that each of the hoses sold meets the highest quality standards that have been set in the industry. This is true for all hydraulic hoses, along with any other part that may be needed for the hose operation.

We currently have several options available for purchase, including cam and groove couplings, crimpable fittings, and monoblock fittings. Each of these will exceed expectations for the needs of a project.

Protective Clothing

One of the most effective ways to avoid or reduce accidents on the job is by making sure the right safety clothing is work in the industrial setting. There is an array of unique risks that are present, but the enforcement of various guidelines related to gloves, shoes, and other protective gear can help to reduce the occurrence of these incidents. Today, the California Industrial Repair Company provides an array of protective clothing items to clients. Each of the products being sold meets the stringent standards set in this industry, ensuring that users receive the highest quality personal protection equipment available.

There are several benefits offered by using high-quality protective clothing while in the workplace. As the owner or manager of any type of industrial clothing, being able to reduce the risk and costs associated with the work being done is a top priority. The right safety gear will provide these benefits and others.

There’s no question that the right protective clothing is one of the best investments that a business owner or manager can make in the safety and well-being of their workers. This high-quality clothing is precisely what the California Industrial Rubber Company has to offer Fresno, CA customers. Here, a person can find an array of industrial-grade protective products to meet the needs of anyone, regardless of what their needs may be.

Adhesives, Aerosols, and Coatings 

Many industries use an array of supplies, such as coatings or adhesives and aerosols for essential processes. For anyone looking for a reliable source to purchase these items, they should seek a company that is dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable products. This is the exact reputation that the California Industrial Rubber Company has worked hard to develop in the Fresno, CA area. To meet the diverse needs of modern clients, We now offer a range of products in the categories mentioned above and have worked hard to become a top distributor for many of the top brands and manufacturers.

Mats and Matting 

Industrial matting in the workplace is a smart investment for virtually any company or industrial setting. Putting a mat on the floor of an industrial warehouse can help to improve the level of comfort of each staff member, which will boost satisfaction, production, and safety. With so many advantages, it’s clear why so many industrial clients have decided to purchase mats from us. There is a vast selection of mats available for sale, and the professional staff can help each customer find the perfect option for their needs and specifications.

Foam and Sponge 

Another line of products offered by the California Industrial Rubber Company in Fresno, CA, is sponge and foam products. These are the ideal option for optimizing the performance of machinery and to create die-cut components for various tasks. It is possible to purchase virtually any industrial item that is needed. We understand that our clients will buy with the expectation of the highest quality products available – which is exactly what we provide. There is no better supplier of industrial products for purchasing industrial foam and sponges and an array of other products. We are ready to fulfill the needs that any company has.

Custom Solutions for Modern Company Needs

Regardless of the needs that a client has, whether it’s water jet cutting or some other service,the Fresno location of California Industrial Rubber Company can deliver customized solutions that exceed needs and expectations at every turn. Each of the products that are provided has been tested and meets or exceeds the industry standards to ensure that the desired results are achieved.

When it comes to any type of parts or components for industrial operations, we deliver quality products for affordable prices. If a custom part or component is needed, customers can contact our professional and experienced staff to ensure the desired part is delivered without issue. Contact the team today or visit the Fresno, CA location to learn more about the services, parts, and solutions offered.  

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