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California Industrial Rubber Co. has many years of history in the state, providing products and services for an array of industries, including mining, crude oil production, manufacturing and more. We are best known for the high levels of services offered, our professional and knowledgeable staff, and the delivery of superior customer service to exceed needs at every turn.

Industrial Conveyor Belts

Several industrial settings rely on industrial conveyor belts for essential functions and tasks. If an industrial conveyor belt happens to break, it may slow down production and result in a serious interruption of the workflow. This is why it is smart to always keep additional belts on-hand, and the team at California Industrial Rubber can provide the extra belts needed for any application.

Today, we provide an array of different industrial products and different gear to meet the diverse set of client’s needs. Regardless of what item a person needs, they can feel confident they will receive the best when ordering from us. Some of the most popular conveyor belt options that are available today include oil-resistant belts, food-grade RMV, nylon core belt, industrial PVC, monofilament, and more.

Hoses and Couplings

Hydraulic hoses are an effective and safe tool to move gases and liquids with a very low risk of leaks. When selecting the right items for an industry’s needs, it’s necessary to pay attention to specific criteria, like the PSI, which is the material it is made from and the quality of the parts and components.

When someone is ready to purchase hose fittings, there are more than a few options and finding the right style and fit is a must. Our team will help customers find the part and component needed including crimpable fittings, monoblock fittings, and cam and groove couplings.

Protective Clothing

In any setting, having the best personal protection equipment is a must. This is something that must be a priority in every industry. Not only will protective clothing be beneficial to someone while they are working, but employers that require protection and provide it will let employees know that safety is a top priority.

There are several benefits offered by using protective clothing and wearing it at work. Owners of industrial companies have the goal of minimizing the costs and the risks linked to the work done. Some of the injuries that can be prevented with the right safety gear include reduction of staff turnover thanks to proper protection, reduced liability for injuries and accidents, reduced incidents of work due to risk, and the elimination of costs related to injuries.

Coatings, Adhesives, and Aerosols 

There are several industries that use supplies like adhesives and aerosols in day to day operations. For those who need these products, it is necessary to find a company that offers high-quality and reliable products. This is what the California Industrial Rubber Company in Merced offers. To meet the many needs of the client’s served, we offer an array of products in these areas.

We specialize in providing industrial clients with these, along with an array of other items, that are for sale. The staff takes each customer’s purchase very seriously and works hard to fulfill it accurately and efficiently. Customers can count on us to deliver superior levels of customer service for all the industry supply needs they have.

Matting and Mats

Making an investment in industrial matting is an investment in the business. This product can help to improve the worker’s comfort levels, which is going to boost production, safety, and satisfaction. With all these benefits, it is clear why so many customers choose products from California Industrial Rubber Company.

The rubber mats available are usually made from recycled materials, which means they are eco-friendly products. They offer improved traction on the workplace floor and reduce the possibility of accidents, slips, and falls. Compared to other options, the cost of mats for the workplace is much more affordable, and they can even help to reduce the circulation of allergens in the areas where they are used.

Sponges and Foam

With a huge selection of industrial foam and sponges, clients can optimize the performance of their machines with ease and for specific tasks. It is possible to find the right product to meet the needs of the business, regardless of the operations or industry.

Along with the general foams available, there are also specialized foam products that are available from the Rubatex brand. It is these products that are set apart by the closed cellular rubber structure, which creates a strong, affordable, and high-quality option with an array of possible uses, such as thermal protection, various industrial uses, aerospace engineering, thermal protection, and high-temperature engineering.

Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting is a service we offer, ensuring that manufacturers and others have the tools and equipment needed to handle the work they must do.

When it comes to quality service and amazing products, there’s no question that California Industrial Repair Company provides the products needed for an affordable price. It’s also possible to ensure this equipment will continue working thanks to the company guarantee and warranty that is offered.

Finding the Right Company for the Job

When a business or company in any industry needs parts, components, or other elements for productivity and operations, it’s essential to find the right service provider. With the California Industrial Repair Company, buyers can feel confident they are working with a reputable company that is dedicated to supplying the best quality products available today. There’s no reason to second-guess the items being purchased, as these are the best of the best available today. Even better, each of the items is offered for affordable prices to ensure that a company’s budget can be adhered to. Being informed and knowing what the options are is a must for any company, regardless of the products needed. 

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