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California Industrial Rubber Company’s Tulare, CA, branch opened in January of 1971. At that time, the business rented a 12K square foot building that was located on “J” Street in Tulare, California. The goal of this location was to provide better service for the business’s customers in the southern portion of San Joaquin Valley in the state of California. By June of 1975, the business had grown so much it expanded into a 25K square foot building that was located at 4500 South “K” Street. This is where the business is still located today in Tulare.

Our main areas of focus are ag-related and agriculture. Tulare County is considered the biggest dairy-producing county in the U.S., and it has thriving cotton, grape, nut, and citrus industries. This area is also known for an array of other products and crops.

Currently, the company carries a huge selection of various industrial rubber products. Some of the most popular products include industrial conveyor belts, hoses, foam and sponges, personal protection equipment, rubber matting, adhesives, and aerosols. Other items offered by us include footwear, rainwear, plastic sheeting, and rubber sheeting, along with hose assemblies via delivery or will-call.

Conveyor Belts and Lacing

Many industrial settings use conveyor belts to perform an array of essential functions and tasks. If one of the conveyor belts happens to break, it may slow down overall production time and result in a serious interruption of the workflow process. 

The belting products we offer are designed to provide durability and reliability, regardless of what they are being used for. Some of the conveyor belt and belting products available include oil-resistant belts, nylon core belts, monofilament, heat resistant belts, plastic modular belts, and many others.

Adhesives, Aerosols, and Coatings

For industries using aerosols, adhesives, and other coatings, finding a reliable service provider is essential. It is important to find a company offering high-quality, proven products. This is the reputation that California Industrial Rubber Company has earned in the Tulare area.

To meet the diverse needs of clients in the area, there is an array of products available in the categories of coatings, aerosols, and adhesives. Some of the options available are epoxy adhesives, 3M instant adhesive, belt dressing, plastic adhesive, brushable ceramic, floor grip coating, epoxy sealer, and more.

Foam and Sponges

The California Industrial Rubber Company provides an array of industrial foam and sponge products for their clients. These products are the ideal option for optimizing the performance of machinery and creating various die-cut components for certain tasks.

Along with foams and sponges, it is also a good idea to get to know about the foam products offered. They can be used for an array of things including aerospace engineering, high-temperature engineering, automotive applications, thermal protection, and dust, air, and moisture seals.

Mats and Matting

Purchasing industrial matting and rubber mats for a business is a smart investment in the company. Putting the matting on the floor in an array of areas, such as an industrial warehouse can help to improve the employee’s level of comfort, which will then boost production, safety, and satisfaction levels. With these types of benefits, it is no surprise that so many clients have decided to buy quality mats from this service provider.

There are several benefits of these mats and matting products, too. For example, it is possible to purchase options that are made from recycled materials, which means they are environmentally friendly. They also provide a good level of traction and reduce the possibility of accidents and slips.

Protective Clothing

The right protective clothing offers an effective way to reduce the likelihood of accidents at work and ensures that safety is a top priority. In any industrial setting, there are several risks that are present, but with the enforcement of safety gear guidelines, it is possible to mitigate the occurrence of these types of incidents.

It is possible to improve the safety of any workplace by using the right protective clothing. As the manager or owner of an agricultural or industrial company, one needs to minimize the costs and the risks that are related to the work that they are doing. By using the right safety wear, they can see an array of benefits. Some of these benefits include reducing the incidents of missed work, reducing turnover by protecting the employees, eliminating the costs that are incurred due to injuries, fulfilling the legal standards related to safety, and reducing the liability for injuries and accidents.

Hoses and Coupling 

Hydraulic hoses are an effective and safe tool to move gases and liquids with minimal potential for leaks. When someone is trying to choose the right hose for their specific needs, they have to pay attention to various criteria, such as the hoses PSI, the material that the hose is made out of, and the part’s quality.

When a person chooses California Industrial Rubber Company, it helps to ensure that these final two are adequate by offering the highest quality industrial hoses that are currently available.

It’s important to understand there are quite a few options available. With the products we offer, a person will find crimpable fittings, monoblock fittings, and cam and groove couplings.

Why California Industrial Rubber Co. Is the Top Provider of Industrial Products

There are several places to purchase industrial products of all types. However, California Industrial Rubber Company goes above and beyond to ensure customers are fully satisfied with the products that are purchased. From rubber items to custom work like water jet cutting, we have it all.

Being informed and knowing what to expect are the best ways to get the products needed for an affordable price. Take some time to review the information here, which is going to ensure that the quality results are achieved regardless of what these may be. Learn more by contacting California Industrial Rubber Co. today.

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