California Industrial Rubber Inc. Helps Harvesters Prepare For the Season

With the harvest season about to be in full swing, farmers and growers across CA. and beyond are about to have their hands full. Having the right harvesting equipment and products on hand can substantially reduce the amount of labor that goes into successfully harvesting crops, though. That’s where California Industrial Rubber Inc. comes in.

Harvest Machine Components

Have agricultural harvester products that need to be fixed up before the harvest season? It’s much more affordable to order replacement parts for these machines from CIR than it is to purchase directly from equipment manufacturers.

Parts for Tree Shakers

Tree shakers are used to dislodge fruit and nuts from certain crop-bearing trees to reduce harvest time. Not all tree crops can be harvested in this way since some require extra care, but farmers that produce hardy tree crops rely heavily on tree shakers to keep things on schedule. Here are a few of the replacement parts available for these specialized machines:

  • Pillow pads
  • Shaker slings
  • Oval shaker pads
  • Drip pads
  • Shaker lubricant
  • Cylinders
  • Tree seals

Sweeper Parts

When a mechanical sweeper breaks down, it can bring the harvest to a grinding halt. Avoid unnecessary downtime by inspecting the machine now and replacing worn parts as needed. CIR offers these replacement parts:

  • Wire rakes
  • Harvest fingers
  • Tine bearings
  • Rubber mounts
  • Fan blades
  • End caps and liners

Mechanical Harvester Parts

Not all mechanical harvesters are mass-removal machines, such as tree shakers. Some are classified as contact machines. Like tree shakers, these machines sometimes break down and need new components. CIR offers the following products:

  • Pickup and metal chain belts
  • Flange idlers
  • Rollers
  • Elevator belts
  • Cleated twin-rod belts
  • Other rubber and plastic parts

Mechanical Processor Parts

Removing the crops from the field is just the first step. Farmers must also process their crops so they will be ready for sale. Mechanical processors make this task easier. Before the harvest begins, check the processors to make sure they don’t need new parts. Pay special attention to the shear rollers, roller belts and conveyor and elevator belts

If any of them are showing signs of wear, order new ones from California Industrial Rubber now. Farmers need their processing equipment to be in top shape before the harvest season begins.

Grape Harvester Parts

Grape harvesters tend to have simpler designs than tree shakers and other mechanical harvesting equipment. Just check all the rubber and plastic parts for wear and make sure the elevator belts and conveyor flight belts are in good shape.

Parts for Catching Frames

Using catching frames helps to reduce crop losses. These pieces of equipment may not be too complex, but they are very much essential so they still require routine maintenance. CIR offers the following catching frame parts:

  • Cleated chain belts
  • Tarps
  • Covers
  • Cylinders
  • Flaps
  • Tree seals

Custom Manufacturing Solutions

Don’t see the right parts on the company’s website or in its catalog? California Industrial Rubber can fabricate gaskets, rubber molded parts, and other industrial components for:

  • Nut loaders
  • Hullers
  • Sorting tables
  • Chutes
  • Platforms
  • Nursery carts
  • And more

This industrial rubber supplier has the capability to create custom die cut and molded parts in-house, simplifying the ordering process and ensuring that farmers can get the parts they need to keep their machinery running perfectly.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems make transporting both raw crops and finished products much easier. California Industrial Rubber has everything farmers need to keep their conveyor systems running perfectly, including belts, lacing, and more. They also offer 24/7 conveyor belt servicing and repairs to reduce downtime when farmers most need their equipment to be in operable condition.

Belting Products

Agricultural producers have tons of options when it comes to belting products. They include lightweight, plastic modular, PVC, RMV, incline, and heavy-duty belts, and more. Here are a few of the most popular options:

  • Nylon core belts
  • Incline belts
  • Package belts
  • Food-grade PVC, RMV, HYCAR, and urethane belts
  • Heavy black GR I and II belts
  • Heat-resistant belts
  • Oil-resistant belts
  • Mono-filament belts
  • PVC elevator belts

Not sure which of these belt types will best suit the farm’s unique needs? All clients have to do is get in touch with one of CIR’s professional and personable sales representatives. The sales teams will be happy to discuss options and even help clients come up with custom solutions as needed.

Belt Lacing

Belt lacing can be used to install new conveyor systems or repair existing belts. The lacing, fasteners, and tools provided by California Industrial Rubber are designed with durability and user-friendliness in mind. Their product line includes:

  • Roller, micro, and speed lacers
  • Wire hook lacing
  • Alligator staple lace and tools
  • Plate and rivet fasteners
  • Flexco belt tools
  • Tatch-A-Cleat
  • Hinged fasteners

Keep in mind that, if CIR doesn’t offer the product best suited to meet a client’s needs, the company also has custom manufacturing capabilities. That means no matter what farmers, processing facilities, or distributors need to make sure the harvest goes smoothly, California Industrial Rubber can help.

Get Started Now

Full mechanization is the future of modern agriculture, and thankfully, many farmers are already on-board. Providing all the farm’s machines with the preventative maintenance they need to operate smoothly throughout the season is a great way to reduce downtime and protect against crop losses. Those responsible for equipment management or maintenance shouldn’t put off inspections and repairs until the last minute. They should carefully check each piece of machinery to make sure it will operate as intended. Think back to last year’s harvest to make sure the same issues won’t come up again, and then order parts early so they will arrive on time.

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It can be hard to find parts for specialty agricultural machines. California Industrial Rubber Inc. has years of experience catering to agricultural communities across CA and beyond. Our central manufacturing and warehousing facility is located in Fresno, but the company also has seven full-service branch locations to help serve our clients. Browse the website to learn more about available products and services or call to place an order or request a quote for a custom manufacturing job today.

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