COVID-19 and PPE Masks: How We Are Adapting Our Production to Help the Public

The world is experiencing a crisis unlike any other we have experienced within our lifetimes. The Covid-19 pandemic has shut our economy down and sickened our population. Hospitals around the country are flooded with patients sick with the coronavirus and they need personal protective equipment to keep hospital staff healthy while delivering essential services. Since this company also provides an essential service, the need for masks has hit a nerve. That’s why the California Industrial Rubber Company is increasing inventory of  protective masks. Here’s how we, among other companies all over the nation, are doing it. 

Non-Medical Industrial Suppliers Shift Gears 

America needs more personal protective supplies. The continual influx of new cases is driving that need. With so much of the medical manufacturing done overseas, the supply line is stretched to its thinnest point. Instead of throwing up their hands in defeat, industrial suppliers all over are looking at their materials and current manufacturing setups to see how well and how quickly production can be shifted. 

California Industrial Rubber stocks all kinds of protective clothing, but the main focus right now is protective masks. Not only is the company continuing to supply dust masks, but we are expanding our inventory capacity to include non-surgical masks for everyday use by essential workers. This may reduce the spread of the virus, which is our goal.

No essential hospital worker should have to risk their health or even their life while they provide care for others. This company and many others are committed to giving back during this time of crisis. Employees working at these companies should be proud of the work they do.

Hospital Mask Production

Governments all over the world have pleaded with companies to ramp up mask production for hospitals and everyday citizens. Scientists are learning that masks are one of the most effective ways to stop coronavirus in its tracks. However, all nations must be fully supplied. If even one nation can’t prevent its spread, Covid-19 will not be defeated. WHO has urged medical manufacturers to up their production rates by at least 40%. Medical manufacturers are speeding up the production process as quickly as they can. 

In addition to production, those masks need to rapidly move around the world. That’s why restrictions are being lifted by governments. Fewer restrictions mean that needed medical masks get where they need to be before it’s too late. Officials are looking into allegations of hoarding which can limit availability in other areas. 

However, one of the greatest areas of needs is for masks for ordinary people who must leave their homes for vital tasks. When companies just like us boost mask production, more people can protect others when they have access to a face covering that provides adequate protection. Unless a mask meets specifications, it won’t be effective. Issues like these must be addressed to keep our world safe. 

Because many people don’t like the idea of wearing a face covering, the fashion industry has stepped up to the plate with new and fashionable designs. Floral patterns, statements, symbols, and other designs up the look of a face covering and help unwilling participants get on board with the idea of protecting each other in a new way. The fashion industry has the manufacturing ability to get loads of fabric masks sewn and ready for shipment in record time. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished when there is determination. 

At this company, we are very proud to help in the effort to provide masks to hospitals, individuals, and the elderly during the pandemic. If our work can save even one life, it will be worth it. We encourage others to volunteer where they can and know that our heart is with our country. We will soon defeat the virus because we are all working together. 

The California Industrial Rubber Company has been operating in California, Nevada and beyond since 1958. Our headquarters, manufacturing facility, and distribution center are located in Fresno, California. Five branches are spread across California and two branches are located in Nevada. The company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of rubber and plastic products used in the industria, commercial and agricultural markets. Because of the emergency status of the nation due to the coronavirus pandemic, California Industrial Rubber will boost its mask inventory to meet America’s needs.

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