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A few months ago, you might have taken a trip to the grocery store or to a restaurant without any worries. You may have taken for granted both the sanitation practices and the work it takes to get those products and services into the store. Coronavirus has taken a toll on the country’s food supplies, and it has become clear over the last couple of months that these are uncertain times.

California Industrial Rubber Co. is committed to working hard to guarantee that food keeps getting produced. It seems like a good time to share a few thoughts on food processing products and services. This article will briefly discuss the importance of selecting the right conveyor belt, having good sanitation practices in place in food processing, and selecting the right sanitation gear.

Selecting the Right Conveyor Belt

Food grade conveyor belts are key to producing food products with consistency and speed. They allow for appropriate spacing between products and also maximize employee productivity. At California Rubber Co., you’ll find industrial parts including but not limited to power transmission, elevator transmission belting, and conveyor belt lacing. State of the art machinery allows California Industrial Rubber Co. to offer fabrication of belts and custom processing equipment as well.

The type of belt that you want is really going to depend on the type of food product it is that you are producing. For example, if your manufacturing process involves a lot of heat or oil, you’ll want to consider these factors and others when you are selecting a conveyor belt. Is your business concerned with agriculture, packaging, dough processing, meat and seafood processing, or dairy? Each business has unique needs that must be considered when selecting equipment.

The equipment you use should be customized to the specific product you are manufacturing to the fullest extent possible. If little consideration is given to quality or type when deciding on a belt or replacement part, you will ultimately lose time and money. Invest time into selecting the right equipment for the job and you will maximize your productivity, increase the safety of your employees, and maximize sanitation.

The safety of both food production employees and the customers that purchase your food products is a top priority. Your conveyor belt should be made from a material that is easy to clean. You should consider a conveyor belt that is not absorbent to maintain a clean work station. Of course, your conveyor belt and any replacement parts that you purchase should also be constructed with food-grade, non-toxic materials. Contact California Industrial Rubber Co. for recommendations and advice tailored to your specific products.

Sanitation Best Practices for Employees

Safety and sanitation are so important in the food processing business, and there is a lot to consider when addressing the topic. It’s important to note that food processing is bound by more laws than many other types of processing plants because it must adhere to all guidelines set forth by both the FDA and the USDA. A successful food processing business works at a high speed and with efficiency.

The work required to run a processing plant requires employees to develop a certain amount of muscle memory. You should encourage employees to develop that muscle memory in their safety and sanitation practices as well. It’s all about establishing a routine and sticking to it.

Commit time to training employees on proper food handling practices and sanitation practices repeatedly throughout their careers. Your employees are the last line of defense that ensures your product is high quality and safe to consume before it is distributed to your customers.

Selecting the Right Sanitation Gear

Keep your employees and customers safe by investing in protective clothing for your employees. Protective clothing provides an additional barrier between your employee and the substance they work with, whether this is hot water, steam, etc. If you choose the right protective equipment for the job and invest in high-quality equipment and materials, it will save you money in the long run.

California Industrial Rubber Co. stocks a large variety of protective gear. Protective equipment includes protective clothing, dust masks, respirators, goggles, hardhats, a large variety of boots, and 17 different types of protective gloves. There is a huge variety of cleaning gear available, and each piece of protective gear is designed for a specific purpose or purposes. It can be overwhelming to sort through all of your options and limitations.

California Industrial Rubber Co. can provide recommendations based on the products that you manufacture. The right gear, as well as the right cleaning products and procedures, are important to creating a safe work environment. Also, make sure that your employee has been properly trained on how to use the equipment. Be sure to do your research on required employee training and licenses, and abide by all rules. An employee not being properly trained can lead to accidents and injuries.

There are a lot of factors to consider when making any purchase decisions in a food manufacturing company. You will have to consider both your product and your manufacturing process when you decide on belts, protective gear, sanitation procedures, employee training, best practices and so much more. The huge amount of options available to choose from can seem daunting and even overwhelming!

Know that you are not expected to have all of the answers, and you are not expected to do all of the research on your own. You just need to know your product and what questions to ask. California Industrial Rubber Co. is available to help you every step of the way as you make choices for your business.

We have been producing industrial rubber products for California, Nevada and beyond since 1958. There are six branches in total, and products range from protective clothing to conveyor belts. We deliver all products with a focus on high-quality materials and exceptional service. No job is too big or too small, so contact a representative today to discuss your options.

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