How Rubber Floor Mats Can Increase Productivity For Your Warehouse

Working in a warehouse can be a well-paying and rewarding job, but it can also be exhausting. The problem isn’t that warehouse owners expect too much of their employees. It’s that standing all day long takes its toll, especially in industrial settings where floors are usually made of unforgiving concrete.

Warehouse owners who want to improve productivity need to focus on keeping their workers comfortable and making sure they feel valued. Installing rubber mats over concrete floors is an extremely affordable but surprisingly effective way to accomplish both of those goals. Read on to find out why.

Floor Mats Improve Workers’ Joint Health

Ergonomically designed floor mats have been proven to reduce joint impact significantly. That makes a big difference for warehouse workers who spend their days on their feet. These mats improve worker comfort and reduce wear on their joints, which also helps to keep them healthy.

The benefit of reducing joint impact for warehouse workers, themselves, is obvious. Less wear and tear on joints means less pain and greater mobility. What’s slightly less obvious is how warehouse owners benefit from working with an industrial rubber manufacturer to request high-quality floor mats.

It’s not just that workers who aren’t in pain will be better able to focus on their jobs, or that they’ll feel more appreciated when they realize that their employers have spent the extra money and gone out of their way to keep them comfortable. Reducing the risk of joint damage also keeps rates of employee churn low and key employees on the floor with the company for longer. This, in turn, reduces costs associated with worker training.

Reducing the impact on workers’ joints has another collateral benefit for employers. It helps to reduce the prevalence of workers’ compensation claims. It’s completely legitimate to file a claim for joint pain and mobility disorders incurred as a result of one’s working conditions, and that’s just what people who have to stand or walk on concrete floors all day will end up doing eventually.

Floor Mats Can Be Used to Identify Safety and Danger Zones

Floor mats don’t just reduce the risk of workers suffering joint injuries. They can also improve the safety profile of a production floor in more immediate ways. Workers are less likely to suffer personal injuries as a result, which helps to keep productivity rates up.

As with most industrial rubber products, floor mats can be ordered in a variety of colors. Employers often find that using different colored mats to designate approved walking or cart pathways and potentially dangerous areas reduces the number of accidents in their warehouses by a surprising amount. Keeping the frequency of workplace accidents low is essential for maintaining both employee morale and worker productivity.

Some warehouse owners attempt to accomplish this goal using colored tape to mark safety and danger zones, pathways, and other essentials. Unfortunately, this strategy isn’t very effective. Tape is harder to see, tends to get dirty on warehouse floors, and is easily damaged. As a result, the tape needs to be replaced often, and this job often goes unaccomplished as warehouse owners, managers, and workers prioritize more immediate tasks.

Floor Mats Reduce the Prevalence of Slip-and-Falls

Slip and fall injuries account for over a quarter of all unintended days off from work. Frequent, serious injuries can also increase warehouse owners’ workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Floor mats provide a sturdier footing with more grip, helping warehouse workers avoid tripping, slipping, and falling. 

Using floor mats to delineate safety and danger zones also helps to prevent slip-and-falls. Even if workers don’t pay active attention to the colored mats, they will still notice those caution signals on a subconscious level, which can substantially reduce their personal injury risks. Both workers and employers benefit from improvements in slip-and-fall prevention.

Floor Mats Keep Workers More Comfortable

Workers that have ergonomic floor mats to stand on in front of their stations or to walk on as they follow routes back and forth throughout the warehouse will be much more comfortable than those forced to work on concrete floors. Increased comfort means improved satisfaction, which also keeps productivity rates high and warehouses operating at maximum efficiency.

Although it’s not very relevant in California, some warehouse owners in colder areas of the country go one step further to increase worker comfort. They install heating elements beneath rubber floor mats to help guard against the cold, creating a more accommodating work environment and keeping everyone functioning at optimal levels. While most parts of California aren’t known for their chilly winters, this technique is still a good one for employers to keep in mind.

Floor Mats Are Very Affordable

If there’s one thing that stops warehouse owners from investing in anti-fatigue and ergonomic floor mats, it’s a fear of how much the upgrade might cost. Thankfully, even high-quality floor mats made of industrial-grade rubber are quite affordable, especially when compared to the alternative.

As has been established, concrete floors lead to joint degeneration. They also leave workers feeling more fatigued by increasing muscular strain and reducing blood circulation and creating unnecessary slip-and-fall risks. When combined, these factors add up to expensive workers’ compensation claims and unnecessary sick days that could easily be avoided.

Warehouse owners shouldn’t view floor mats as a luxury but rather as an essential tool for helping to prevent injuries and maintain workers’ comfort and satisfaction. Employers should view floor mats as an investment in their employees’ health, safety, and future with the company. Investing in floor mats now can reduce costs in the long term, and what’s more efficient than that?

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