How to Ensure Your Conveyor System Runs Smoothly

When many people think of conveyor belts, the hilarious candy factory scene from “I Love Lucy” pops into mind. However, in today’s advanced manufacturing warehouses, conveyor belts play a far more serious role. Used in practically every industry across the country, conveyor belts move materials across the warehouse at varying intervals. You can find them in mines, at recycling centers, bottling plants, and factories of all kinds, not to mention the grocery store. Industrial warehouses across the west coast rely on conveyor belts for transporting goods and a number of other functions. 

Specialized Sizes

Not all conveyor belts are the right size for the job. Let’s face it, not all products fit onto a typical-sized conveyor belt. Some may be too tall or too wide, and in cases like that, custom conveyor belts must be fashioned. While experts encourage manufacturers to conform to either the CEMA or ISO standard, it’s not always possible. When extenuating circumstances require a specialized size belt, companies seek qualified distributors of industrial rubber supplies and plastic products to make the systems needed. 

Benefits of Conveyor Systems

Whether it’s harvester equipment or the transport of small, fine materials such as concrete, the benefits of conveyor systems are numerous. 

  • Transport of a variety of materials – From cement to coal, a conveyor belt is a reliable form of transport sure to keep the integrity of the product being moved intact. 
  • Adjustable Elevation – A conveyor belt system is unique in that it is able to be configured in a variety of ways so as to fit most any application. Manufacturers and distributors use it to move items across levels, up and down, and horizontally. Some systems even combine these directions using both vertical/inclined alongside horizontal systems.
  • Transports long distances – With conveyor belts, users are able to conveniently carry large, heavy materials over a long path. This saves on manpower as well as the chance of dropping materials or injuring employees. 
  • Less Power is Consumed – When operating with a belt system, users are able to save energy as opposed to other types of conveyors. 
  • Completely Automated – Typically, conveyor belts are loaded automatically and need little monitoring or support. This decreases breakage and loss of materials when handling. It’s quick and saves time, increasing productivity along the way. 
  • Increases Free Space – Freeing up space is one of the biggest advantages of a well-designed conveyor belt system. With less congestion as products are moved from point A to point B, and fewer employees are needed to man the area, plants are able to implement new processes or set up new lines. 
  • Flexibility – Product needs change year-round, and conveyor belts are an excellent way to handle this type of upheaval. Whether a company has to increase production or adapt to changes in the market, a well-put-together system is sure to rise to the challenge. 

Repair Services

Should a conveyor system break down, production could be halted, and a large interruption to the production cycle could take place. In cases like this, consumers need a premium quality belting and fabrication company on hand. The firm needs to offer quality parts and products as well as the best belts in the business. Buyers can be sure to find slit, cleated, guided or punched belts in the specifications needed or a repair technician dispatched in record time to reduce downtime as much as possible. 

With so many systems going vertically and horizontally, it’s no wonder repair services are always in high demand. Further, an increasing number of manufacturers and distributors are running operations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this in mind, business owners need to have a repair department they can depend on at all hours of the day and night. Belt repair and hose repair can happen at any time, and not just anyone can fix it. Instead, a reliable team of skilled technicians with years of experience in splicing and on-site repairs should be on call for dispatch. This will save companies time and resources, not to mention, increase the bottom line by keeping operations continually running. 

Sales Growth in the US

Conveyor System sales are increasing worldwide, with the market estimated to reach over $65 billion dollars in US sales by the year 2026. Industrialization and the need for automation in a plethora of industries are driving the growth trend in the conveyor market. Additionally, an increasing number of businesses are trending toward assembly line structures and mass production to accommodate needs in so many areas. Because of the diversity of systems in the marketplace, systems are now able to transport goods regardless of their shape, size, and weight. And, the roller segment of the market is expected to grow rapidly due to the increase in sales in the e-commerce industry. Lastly, the sales numbers are only expected to increase due to the need to modernize and update older conveyor belt systems and their infrastructure. 

Who to Partner With? 

When making the decision of who to partner with for your new conveyor belt system, be sure to look for a local California company with the experience and know-how needed. A quality industrial rubber and plastic product company is sure to have the experience of supplying agricultural, commercial, industrial, and mining industries in CA and beyond and are sure to have the right answer. Look for a firm with multiple branch locations to ensure repair technicians and sales consultants can be dispatched in a timely basis. Look at the quality of products offered to make sure the system you’re purchasing lasts for many years to come.

Conveyor belts are a vital part of a company’s operations, with an increase in efficiency and timeliness for those who implement them. Run your plant systematically and easily with the right conveyor belt system installed. Additionally, it may be time that you updated older, outdated equipment with new, state-of-the-art equipment that will take your operations to the next level. Check out the conveyor systems and custom conveyor belts available to consumers today.

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