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When it comes to harvesting crops like nuts, farmers need to be prepared in advance. Having the right equipment and manpower can make a big difference in how quickly the fields can be harvested. In the states of California and beyond, nut harvesting begins in late September and can run through early November. With a nut harvester, farmers can harvest their crops with confidence. 

Helpful Tips for Preparing for Harvest

Getting prepared for harvest is one of the most important tasks any farmer can carry out on their farm. Harvesting takes many hours and a lot of dedication, but it brings about a financial influx for farmers who rely on the sale of their crops. With the right equipment, the harvesting process will be more efficient and provide critical savings to a farmer’s bottom-line.

One of the first things a farmer needs to do is to make sure they check all of their equipment. From their nut harvesters to shakers, all equipment should be inspected from top to bottom. A failure to inspect the equipment can result in problems in operation, including those that can be dangerous. Unfortunately, many farmers find out the hard way you cannot wait until harvest time to find out if any equipment needs repairs. Check the following when performing inspections. 

  • UHMW Fan Blades
  • Bearings and Power Transmission
  • Bin Carrier rollers
  • Belts and guides
  • Rubber Mounts
  • Hydraulic Hose assemblies

The next step farmers should take is to think about last year’s harvest. Were there any obvious problems with the harvester equipment? Were their hiccups in the nut harvest process? If farmers do not address these issues before the next harvest, the problems will only continue and could worsen. Repairs should be carried out by a licensed technician. If the equipment cannot be repaired safely, it is important new equipment is purchased. 

Most modern harvesting equipment is computerized and needs to be updated regularly so it can continue to work properly. If it has been a long time since the last software update, it is wise to check the system. Updates to the software will lead to better mapping and guidance for the farmer. It is also important farmers make sure to back up their systems. It is wise to back up the system daily to ensure proper performance and the prevention of lost data. 

Tips for Maintaining a Nut Harvester Properly

There are different types of nut harvesters on the market, but they all work essentially in the same way. Often, these harvesters have rubber fingers that roll over the nut plants and collect them in a bin. These harvesters can be attached to tractors and are essential for nut farmers because they help them avoid many long hours of harvesting by hand. The following offers important information on how to maintain this equipment. 

When checking a nut harvester, one of the first areas that need to be addressed is the belts. There are multiple belts that may need to be replaced and these include the following. Many farmers replace their belts each harvest as a matter of precaution. 

  • The pick-up belts
  • The elevated twin rod belts
  • The metal chain belts
  • The elevator belts

If any of the belts seem worn or broken, an immediate replacement is necessary. A broken or worn belt will impede the proper function of the nut harvester and could lead to a lot of frustration on the part of the farmer. By checking these and replacing them as needed, before harvest, farmers can avoid a lot of hassles and costly breakdowns.

On nut rollers, there are also some other parts that need to be checked to ensure they are not worn and are working properly. Checking the following parts will help to ensure the equipment is ready to perform. 

  • The flange idlers
  • The machine rollers
  • Any rubber or plastic components

Many farmers conduct their own maintenance and may be able to replace minor parts on their equipment. If a piece of equipment requires major repairs, it would be best for farmers to rely on the professionals to ensure the work is carried out to exacting specifications. Harvesting equipment must work safely or it could be a danger to farmers and their workers. 

Where To Get Parts

Running a farm takes a consistent effort that can sometimes be difficult for even the most skilled farmers. When it comes to the proper maintenance of farming equipment, it is imperative farmers know how to choose the right supplier to meet their needs. Considering the following will help farmers to be prepared to maintain their harvesting equipment each year. 

Research is always essential when it comes to choosing the right agricultural parts supplier. Farmers need to learn as much as possible about the company before they make a purchase. Checking the reputation of the company is a solid way to ensure the right choice is made. If the company has a lot of bad reviews, it would be wise for the farmer to look elsewhere for their parts and supplies. 

It is also wise for farmers to make a list of the parts they normally require. If the parts supplier does not offer the parts a farmer needs, the company is going to be ill-equipped to help the farmer. By taking time in hunting for the right parts supplier, farmers will find it easier to get the parts they need before harvest. 

Nut harvests begin to occur in the fall. When the nuts are ripe for harvesting, farmers need to make sure their equipment is in sound shape and ready. If any repairs need to be carried out or parts replaced, these should be done before it is harvest time. Waiting too long will only lead to greater stress and lost time in the harvesting process. 

Nut harvesting is made much easier with special roller harvesters that take care of gently harvesting nuts. With the right roller, harvesting takes much less time and requires fewer workers on hand. 

California Industrial Rubber has been supplying industrial businesses and agricultural professionals with rubber and plastic parts for over sixty years. We offer full-service branch locations and a central warehouse to meet the needs of our customers. 

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